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‘Work’ and ‘Place’ are being redefined. ‘Work’ continually transforms. Digital processes and integrated artificial intelligence not only automate repetitive and formulaic work but escalate the range of work that is no longer required to be done by humans. The good news is that work is increasingly strategic, creative and innovative and this requires different skillsets that reside in more creative, blue-sky people. It is not surprising that employees value flexibility so highly, so that they can work where and when they perform at their best on such challenging work.

The ‘work from home’ orders in 2020 proved that work can be done anywhere, and that line-of-sight management was no longer required. Permission to work anywhere at any time was granted and this choice was not going to be easily taken away. In effect, this unleashed an inevitable social revolution within days, not years.

The redefined Workplace creates ‘stickiness’ to the company through being a place where employees can be human and access services and facilities that value-add. It is a place that expresses its brand purpose, values and ESG achievements. What about the work? The redefined Workplace is a place for strategic, creative and innovative work because anything else has been replaced or can be done anywhere.

Leone Lorrimer
Australia Practice Leader | Commerical & Workplace Leader Sydney, Australia
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Colette McCartney
Director - Interiors & Fitout Management Tauranga, New Zealand
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