Karijini Interpretive Centre - GHD Design

Karijini Interpretive Centre
Karijini National Park, WA

The Visitor Centre in Karijini National Park in the remote Pilbara is set in one of Australia’s most extraordinary landscapes. Integrated with its surroundings, the building form confidently engages with the inherent strength of the landscape.

The project brief was to create a building for the interpretation of the park, its geology, flora, fauna, people and history. The cultural symbol chosen by the aboriginal stakeholders for the form of the building is a Kurrumanthu (goanna/lizard). The design objective was to represent, through the built form, respect for the intentions of the aboriginal stakeholders and to stimulate interest in a reappraisal of our collective past.

The building and its interpretative display informs its audience about the park and the emotive theme of the stolen generation. The design provides a unique response to the landscape, history and climate, with the landscape remaining the most powerful image.

Karijini National Park
West Australia
Civic, Community and Justice